2022 NFL Draft Trade Tracker: Every Move, Draft Order Change, Team Picks, Analysis

Of course, the craziest offseason in NFL history would feature one of the craziest first rounds in NFL Draft history. Nine trades were made in the first round, including two with star receivers AJ Brown and Marquise “Hollywood” Brown.

Trades are expected to play an important role over the next two days of the draft. Teams looking to acquire a quarterback may be inclined to move on early in the second round after only one quarterback (former Pitt Panther and now Steeler Kenny Pickett) was selected in the first round. Thursday night — notably the Chiefs and Packers — could also be looking to execute a trade that will see them acquire one of the best remaining players in the draft.

We’ll be following every second day trade in our live blog below as the trades unfold in real time. We’ve also included an overview of every trade that took place on Thursday night.

2022 NFL Draft first-round trades

The saints receive

Round 1, No. 11 overall (Chris Olave, WR, Ohio State)

Commanders receive

Round 1, No. 16 overall (Jahan Dotson, WR, Penn State)
Round 3, No. 98 overall
Round 4, No. 120 overall

Lions receive

Round 1, No. 12 overall (Jameson Williams, WR, Alabama)
Round 2, No. 46 overall

The Vikings receive

Round 1, No. 32 overall
Round 2, No. 34 overall
Round 3, No. 66 overall

The eagles receive

Round 1, No. 13 overall (Jordan Davis, DT, Georgia)

The Texans receive

Round 1, No. 15 overall (OG Kenyon Green)
Round 4, No. 124 overall
Round 5, No. 162 overall
Round 5, No. 166 overall

The crows receive

Round 1, No. 23 overall

The cardinals receive

WR Marquise Brown
Round 3, No. 100 overall

The titans receive

Round 1, No. 18 overall (Treylon Burks, WR, Arkansas)
Round 3, No. 101 overall

The eagles receive

WR AJ Brown

The leaders receive

Round 1, No. 21 overall (Trent McDuffie, CB, Washington)

The patriots receive

Round 1, No. 29 overall (Cole Strange, OG, Chattanooga)
Round 3, No. 94 overall
Round 4, No. 121 overall

Invoices receive
Round 1, No. 23 overall (Kaiir Elam, CB, Florida)

The crows receive
Round 1, No. 25 overall (Tyler Linderbaum, C, Iowa)
Round 4, No. 130 overall

The jets receive

Round 1, No. 26 overall (Jermaine Johnson II, EDGE, Florida State)
Round 3, No. 101 overall

The titans receive

Round 2, No. 35 overall
Round 3, No. 69 overall
Round 5, No. 163 overall

Jaguars receive

Round 1, No. 27 overall (Devin Lloyd, LB, Utah)

The buccaneers receive

Round 1, No. 33 overall
Round 4, No. 106 overall
Round 6, No. 180 overall