A&E Networks launches History Channel-branded travel program

A+E Networks has partnered with educational travel provider Academic Travel Abroad to launch History Travel, a new program offering a series of domestic and international trips inspired by world history.

As part of the multi-year agreement, A+E and Academic Travel Abroad are designing tours that will be led by local historians and experts approved by the History Channel, allowing travelers to experience historic places and put events and the cultures that have shaped it today.

The program is ambitious for A+E and above all unprecedented for a network brand. At the same time, offerings like History Travel make sense in a television and film landscape that is rapidly looking for new avenues to reach viewers and beginning to move toward direct-to-consumer engagement strategies.

“We are all looking for more meaningful experiences, and History Travel will allow adventurers to connect more deeply with people and places,” said Lance Still, senior vice president of consumer businesses at A+E Networks. “Providing expert historical context to these curated destinations is a new way to engage our core audiences, and also extend the brand to curious history buffs looking for a trusted source to help them get the most out of it. of their travel experience and to connect with the larger historical picture.”

“As a company created in the aftermath of World War II, we are thrilled to work with such an iconic brand to bring history to life through unique travel experiences,” added Kate Simpson, President of Academic. Travel Abroad.

The first History Travel tour is scheduled for New Orleans, Louisiana in November 2022 and costs $2,995 for five days. Upcoming trips will be to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and Antietam Creek, Yellowstone National Park, Pearl Harbor, England, France, Greece and Italy. Locations and routes are selected to expose history buffs to the perspectives of the people who have made the popular destinations remarkable – for example, the trip to England will provide insight into the life and leadership of Winston Churchill while the trip to New Orleans will focus on jazz legends such as Louis Armstrong.

Detailed itineraries and more information are available at historytravel.com.