Analysis: Excellent or only very good? Bills defense poised to rise to the top | Buffalo Bills News | NFL

The Bills faced the easiest offense schedule in the NFL, with opponents averaging 328.3 yards per game. The Tampa Bay defense faced an almost as easy schedule, averaging 328.9 yards.

Twelve of the Bills’ 17 games were against teams ranked in the bottom half of the league in distance. Five games were played against teams ranked in the top 10 in scorers (Tampa Bay, Kansas City, Indianapolis and New England twice).

The Bills are also No. 1 in passing yards allowed, with 173 per game. They are also a virtual lock to finish first in this category.

“As long as our guys at the back keep communicating and the guys at the front get the quarterback, the result is really good pass defense,” said safety Micah Hyde.

In terms of offenses suffered, the Bills had the second easiest schedule behind Tampa Bay.

The last time the Bills finished No. 1 in yards allowed was in 1999. They were also No. 1 in 1980.

The Bills have never been No. 1 for the lowest points allowed since joining the NFL in 1970. The Bills have collected 279 points this season, or 17.4 per game. New England allowed nine points down (270). The Patriots round off the regular season in Miami. The Bills are closing in on the New York Jets.