Another History Channel appearance for blacksmith Winston-Salem in ‘Forged in Fire’ contest | Local News

Winston-Salem’s Bladesmith Fermin Lopez will appear for the second time in a “Forged in Fire” competition on the History Channel.

The History Channel is airing a three-part ‘Forged In Fire’ Armed Forces Tournament where eight members of the Armed Forces – and former ‘Forged In Fire’ competitors – will face off in an intense five-hour battle.

Four competitors will compete in two head-to-head duels in Part 1, which airs July 21, with two winners heading to the final tournament.

Next, four contestants will compete in two head-to-head duels in Part 2, which airs on July 28. One of those duels will feature Lopez.

The winners of each episode will meet in the third and final tournament, which airs August 4.

Lopez, a U.S. Army veteran, first appeared as a contestant on “Forged in Fire” in 2019 when top blacksmiths from every branch of the U.S. military – Army, Air Force, Marines and Navy – competed to win a $50,000 prize. Lopez was a finalist in the contest.

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