Are contestants paid to appear on the History Channel reality show?

Although the winner of each story chain Only season receives a cash prize of $500,000, fellow contestants have also endured weeks and sometimes months in the desert. Is the Only the franchise pays other participants for their time on the reality show show if they don’t win? Producers drop off each participant in a remote location where they must survive on their own. Only has minimal rules, and the person who lasts the longest wins the grand prize. What are the others doing Only are candidates paid?

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Most reality TV shows pay all contestants, not just the winners

Although it’s not common knowledge, most reality TV shows pay contestants for their time on the show. It’s common for reality TV contestants to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) which usually includes not sharing the fact that the network also paid the non-winners for their time.

For example, the long-running CBS series, Survivor allegedly awarded money to participants based on their progress in the competition. The first person applicants reject receives about $3,500, while jury members receive about $40,000 for their role on the tribal council.

Other reality competition shows that pay non-winners include MTV The challengeCBS Fantastic raceand Big brother.

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Does The History Channel Pay Non-Winners Who Compete In ‘Alone?’

Like most reality TV shows, The History Channel pays a weekly stipend to Only participants according to their duration in the desert. However, Season 5 winner Sam Larson revealed some details about the money after his time on the show. Larson also participated in Only Season 1 but came in second place.

“Contestants receive a weekly stipend, so we’re compensated for the time we spend working on the production, as well as any pre- and post-show work,” Larson reported in a filing. Reddit thread. “The pay isn’t amazing, but it’s better than a lot of reality shows. I’ve always been happy with my pay.

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How much are non-winners paid to participate in “Alone”?

Since all entrants sign an NDA, it is unclear how much non-winners are paid in Only. However, several former contestants shared details in Reddit threads, which users later deleted. Entrants can lose the money they have won if they break the rules of their NDA.

“Several competitors from previous seasons have confirmed that they were paid for their participation,” said a Editor wrote. “Although no money was ever confirmed, they said something that it was enough for them to quit their jobs and leave their families, but not enough to let them retire.”

Other viewers on Reddit speculate that Only contestants are paid $2,000 per week for their filming time. Since most contestants have deleted their pay comments, the alleged amount per week is speculative. But, the contestants complete all of their filming during the series, so that’s definitely something they should be paid for. The exact amount they earn remains a mystery.

Only Season 9 is available to stream on The History Channel app with a cable TV or streaming subscription.

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