Bowlers who made history by taking 10 wickets in one inning

Only three players have taken 10 wickets in the innings

You can see how rare this achievement is by the fact that in the nearly 150 years of Test cricket only three men have taken ten wickets in one inning.

A bowler may be used for the entirety of an innings, but it is always possible for his partner at the other end to bring his own wicket.

Now that we’ve established just how incredible that accomplishment is, let’s take a look at the three bowlers involved:

Number Player Crew Overs Young lady Races Counters Eco Versus
1 JC Laker England 51.2 23 53 ten 1.03 Australia
2 A Kumble India 26.3 9 74 ten 2.79 Pakistan
3 AY Patel New Zealand 47.5 12 119 ten 2.48 India

Jim Laker

During the 1956 Ashes series, England spinner Jim Laker became the first player to take all ten wickets in a Test.

With nine wickets earlier in the game, Laker, who dominated the contest, helped the home side win when Australia were down for just 84 runs.

When the tourists were forced to continue, Laker improved in the second set on a favorable surface at Old Trafford.

Australia were trying to avoid losing sets, but due to rotational difficulties created on the wet ground, they only managed to score 205 runs the second time around.

Collecting all ten wickets for just 53 runs, Laker shone. I recently read an article about cricket records that may never be broken.

Jim Laker’s game stat of 19 for 90 was on the list, and I have to agree that no one is likely to top that performance.

Anil Kumble

Before a bowler took all ten wickets in one inning twice in Test Cricket, it took another 43 years. When India faced Pakistan in Delhi in 1999, it was foot-beater Anil Kumble who etched his name in history.

10 wickets in an innings

Kumble was an influential player throughout his career and finished with 619 Test wickets. 14 of them happened in this match, with a relatively low number of 4/75 while Pakistan initially had 172.

Pakistan needed 420 to win the fourth set of the match, but Kumble proved unplayable. He took the tourists’ ten wickets in 26.3 overs for 74 runs, 223 runs short of their target.

Ajaz Patel

The third 10-wicket run of Test cricket was once again in India, but this time the home side fell victim.

Ajaz Patel of New Zealand became just the third bowler in a Test match to take 10 wickets in a single innings when his team played India in Mumbai in December 2021.

10 wickets in an innings

In addition to this outstanding achievement, Ajaz Patel from New Zealand also created history for two other reasons.

Firstly, he is the only bowler to date to claim ten wickets in the opening innings of a Test. Second, he is the only person to have accomplished this in wasted effort.

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