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Grace (Ga Eun) Jeong: art meets accounting

Grace (Ga Eun) Jeong is a Renaissance woman, excelling in various disciplines, from arts to sciences, and winning top honors in all of them.

She is a National Merit Scholar and Distinguished AP Scholar who scored near perfect on the ACT, scoring a 34 out of 36 on the exam. She was part of the Spanish Club, Quiz Bowl and Recycling Club at her school in Alabama.

An avid creative writer, she won two Scholastic Gold Key awards for her short stories and a Silver Key for a poem she wrote. She also entered a U.S. Congressional Art Contest in her hometown and won third place in the district for a piece she titled “A Better Place.”

A passionate musician, she played the transverse flute and the mellophone in the high school orchestra. She also joined the marching band and became the drum major, leading the band.

Jeong also conducted research with a team at the University of Alabama, where she worked on a project focused on reducing plastic waste.

Throughout high school, Jeong discovered that she liked to analyze things.

“When I took calculus or macroeconomics courses, I really liked working with numbers and making a decision using the analysis of the data I have.”

Jeong plays the flute (left) and leads the band as drum major (right).

She chose to pursue a career in accounting — and that got her into Panther territory.

“Nothing has stood out more than FIU,” says Jeong, who is now part of the FIU Honors College. “The location and the very promising accounting program. During my visit to the campus, I was able to speak to the assistant director of administrative services for the program. He gave us this insight into the growth of the accounting program and their new collaboration with KPMG [a global network of professional firms providing audit, tax and advisory services]. I am very excited.”

What is his secret to success?

“One thing that’s really important to me is always asking people about new opportunities,” she says.

And she is ready for all the opportunities she finds at FIU.