British Blue Cheese Crowned Supreme Champion Cheese

A blue cheese made by Long Clawson Dairy was named Supreme Champion Cheese in Stafford, UK on Thursday, June 30. Shropshire Blue rose to the top as the best UK and international cheese at the International Cheese & Dairy Awards, held at the Staffordshire County Showground as part of the three-day cheese and dairy event, combining a one-day trade show with a two-day consumer festival – Love Cheese Live.

Produced by The Long Clawson Dairy co-operative established in 1911 which continues to be farmer-run and draws on local milk from over 41 farms in Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire to create a range of very special cheeses.

“We are delighted that our small farming cooperative, where the skill and care of our master cheesemakers is so important to us, has been recognized with our delicious Shropshire Blue entry. We’re still in high spirits after our victory and have been busy clearing space in our Supreme Champion Trophy Rewards Cabinet! said Bill Mathieson, General Manager of Long Clawson Dairy.

Despite its name, Shropshire Blue is not made in Shropshire, and never has been. It was originally made in Scotland and is now made in the Stilton producing areas of Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Derbyshire by Long Clawson Dairy. The cheeses are then matured for their entire duration of a period of 10-12 weeks, it forms a natural orange-brown rind and a smooth texture. With a sharp, strong flavor and a bit pungent aroma, it is a vegetarian cheese with a fat content of 48%.

Dai Williams, Head of Jury at the International Cheese & Dairy Awards, said: “Once again we have received fantastic support from all aspects of our industry with 238 judges from all business sectors supporting us this that day. The effort to judge 4000 cheeses in over 400 classes and arrive at the winner in four hours is a fantastic achievement for all.

In a close final, the top runner-up was awarded to a goat’s cheese made by FrieslandCampina in Holland. The Supreme Champion Dairy Product (non-dairy) went to Fonterra for its culinary cream and Morrisons received the Supreme Cheese Retailer award.

Ian Luxton, Chairman of the International Cheese & Dairy Awards, added: “As the ICDA was founded over 125 years ago to showcase the work of UK and international cheesemakers, it gives me great pleasure to see a cheese-making company with such a history take over. honors. It’s an incredible feat to stand out in a field of over 4,000 cheeses from all corners of the world, but Long Clawson clearly had it all: deliver exceptional appearance, aroma, texture and flavor. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the sponsors, retailers, industry suppliers, competitors and marketers for their continued support of this very special and rich legacy award.

The 125th International Cheese & Dairy Awards was bigger and more international than ever, with over 4,000 entries. The competing classes represented countries from all over the world.

All entries were judged in a single day, as 238 experts reviewed the appearance, texture, aroma and flavor of cheese, dairy products and accompaniments. Bronze, silver, gold and champion accolades were awarded first, before the supreme champions were reassessed to find the winners of this year’s trophy.

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