Cayuga Community College Professor Featured On The History Channel | Education

A program on The History Channel recently featured a professor from Cayuga Community College.

Professor Sheila Myers was shown speaking about Thomas Durant, a historical railroad tycoon, in an episode of “The Engineering That Built the World,” a press release from the CCC said.

Myers has written three novels about Durant, his family, and their involvement in the creation of the transcontinental railroad. She was in an episode called “Race for the Railroad,” which aired on October 10 and is scheduled to air at 8 pm on Sunday October 17.

The show “The Engineering That Built the World” provides an overview of famous engineering achievements and structures around the world, including the Golden Gate Bridge, the Statue of Liberty and the Panama Canal, the statement said, and the people and their rivals involved in finishing the structures.

“The ‘Race for the Railroad’ episode featuring Myers focuses on the Transcontinental Railroad and tells the story of Thomas Durant and the Union Pacific Railroad and Charles Crocker of the Central Pacific Railroad,” the press release reads .

Myers has been researching the Durants for years. At first, she was drawn to the family because of their connection to the Adirondacks before “broadening her reach to include their role in the growth of the rail industry,” the statement said.

“It was an exciting opportunity to speak with the History Channel and be a part of this series and discuss Thomas Durant and the Transcontinental Railroad,” Myers said in the statement. “I think it’s an entertaining and informative way to learn more about someone who had personal and professional shortcomings, but who was an important figure at this time in American history.”

“Imaginary Brightness”, the first novel in Myers’ Durant trilogy, was released in 2015. This was followed by “Castles in the Air” in 2016, and the trilogy ended with “The Night is Done” in 2017.