Doubt St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright at your own risk

Doubt St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright at your own risk. After all, just look at what he’s been up to over the past two seasons.

Adam Wainwright’s career is a story of perseverance. In nearly two decades in the majors, the St. Louis Cardinals right-hander has faced career-threatening injuries, and consistently overcame them and found a way to improve further.

Despite this, Wainwright still has doubts about its recent numbers – 3.15 ERA in 2020; 3.05 ERA in 2021 – are sustainable into what will be his season at 41. Katie Woo from The Athletic Not one of them, however, as she put it on The Just Baseball Show: “If you doubt Adam Wainwright at this point, it’s your fault. You should know better. “

I’ll be honest: I’m one of those people who have concerns about Wainwright, but most of my concerns have been directed to the whole rotation and his extensive history of injuries. That’s why the Cardinals are reportedly considering another starting pitcher even after signing Steven Matz to a four-year contract. But as Wainwright has proven, if there’s one pitcher who can defy the odds, it’s him. It is like a good wine; he gets better with age, and his last two seasons have proven that.

That’s what earned Wainwright a one-year, $ 17.5 million contract extension during the regular season, allowing him and longtime mate Yadier Molina to play one final season together. in St. Louis. But the deal – and the price tag – confirms the Cardinals still believe he can be a top starter in the rotation in what will be his 17th season in the majors.

Truth be told, Wainwright has given the Cardinals every reason to believe he’s capable of repeating his 2020 and 2021 numbers. He kept the rotation afloat last season after it was decimated by injuries and he they are unlikely to advance to the playoffs without him. Their vision for 2022, however, has Nolan Arenado and Paul Goldschmidt leading offensively and the rotation, led by Wainwright, remains healthy and takes the team into a deep playoff run.

Are there reasons to be skeptical? Sure. Wainwright is 40 years old and his injury history is a valid concern. But like Woo said, you shouldn’t doubt the right-hander, and the past two seasons should give you confidence that he will play at a high level with Molina behind the plate.