Dresser Village Board of Directors Discuss Development Grant, Ambulance Service, and History Channel Filming | News

The Village Dresser Council began its monthly meeting on Tuesday, September 7 at 6:30 p.m. The whole council was present. The application for a block grant for community development was discussed along with an update on the ambulance service contract and information on the redistribution. Then the announcement of the filming of a History Channel show at the Dresser Depot closed the evening in effervescence.

Global Community Development Grant (CDBG)

The board contacted MSA Professional Services, Inc. for advice on obtaining a CDBG for Dresser. Their representative, Dave Rasmussen, came to the meeting to discuss the board nomination. He said that in order for their application to be accepted, they will need to score high on the following criteria: financial need, distress, planning and correspondence, and this should be well documented. “Do you think we have a chance? Asked village president Brian Raddatz. Rasmussen replied, “I think you can qualify.”

Rasmussen said the first step would be to have a survey completed by mid-January and noted that fully completed applications are expected in May and scoring will be completed by the end of July. First, a map will need to be obtained of the specific area for the CDBG, and the area will need to be surveyed. Then, the investigation must be submitted to the Department of Administration (DOA) for certification. Once done, the board is eligible to apply. The goal is $ 500,000. “Do we want to spend $ 1,500 to get a survey? “ asked Raddatz. The board agreed that they would because they wouldn’t get the money if they didn’t try, so the motion to go ahead was passed.

Council counsel Paul Mahler submitted new contract wording to the Lakes Region EMS regarding quarterly reports and requiring communication of an average response time. The board is awaiting a response from Lakes if they accept it, so the topic was postponed until next month, although Raddatz added that Lakes submitted their average response time, and it was between 5 and 7 minutes.

There was a brief update on redistribution. The Polk County Supervisor’s District Plan requires that one ward be created for every 1,000 people. “So we don’t have to have wards,” said city clerk Jodi Gilbert. She explained that Dresser’s population was 913 as of the Jan. 1, 2021 count, so the board moved on to other business.

History Channel Filming at Dresser Train Depot

According to Raddatz, the MN Transportation Museum has confirmed with him that the History Channel will be running at the Dresser Train Depot within the next two weeks. They are recording a show called “I was there” with Christian Popham, and will only be there for a day. They’ll do a Jessie James heist scene with a train and guns. Hats off to the Transport Museum for having painstakingly restored the depot!