Forbes Makes History – State of Mississippi


Joel Coleman, Senior Writer

The Mississippi State corner now sits alone atop the SEC and FBS lists for career picks.

STARKVILLE- Fueled by his football smarts and knack for always putting himself in position for a game-changing game, Emmanuel Forbes has now reached uncharted territory.

The Mississippi State cornerback picked up the sixth pick of six of his career in Saturday’s 56-7 rout of Eastern Tennessee State at Davis Wade Stadium. As a result, Forbes now stands alone as the all-time leader in interceptions, returning for a touchdown in not just the Southeastern Conference, but the entire FBS.

“It was a goal I had coming out of high school,” said the junior from Granada, Mississippi. “It was a really cool moment to arrive at [break the record] in front of my family and all the great fans here at Mississippi State.”

The record game deservedly came on a highlight-worthy streak that thankfully even allowed Forbes to soak up the moment.

With just over nine minutes left in the second quarter, ETSU was approaching MSU’s red zone when quarterback Baron May threw a pass to his left. May’s catcher Cameron Lewis tried to catch the ball, but the low pitch deflected the ball off Lewis’ foot in the air. You better believe Forbes wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity.

” I broke up [Lewis] and I saw the ball thrown,” Forbes said. “It touched his foot. I saw the ball go up in the air and I got it and I was like, ‘I have to score.'”

Forbes carried the ball to the MSU 18-yard line. Forbes’ biggest hurdle in the 82 yards between him and the end zone was Lewis’ outstretched hand. The receiver appeared to graze Forbes ankle just after the catch, tripping Forbes and almost straight into another Buccaneer that could have made a tackle. But…

“I did a spin, saw some grass, and ran as fast as I could,” Forbes said.

It didn’t hurt Forbes’ cause to get a little help from his friends. Nathanael Watson had a key block that ensured that no Buccaneer would get to Forbes.

“They all knew it was important for me to get it and go score and they did everything they could to help me,” Forbes said of his teammates.

From Watson’s block, Forbes could roll.

“I was just hoping, ‘Please, no flags and let me get to the end zone,'” Forbes said.

There were no penalties. There was only one party. Same head coach mike leachwho has seen so much in his legendary career, was incredibly proud to witness such a special moment.

“It was good,” Leach said. “[Forbes] is very impressive. In fact, we gave him the ball. He’s an explosive and inspiring guy and he needs to keep up the good work.”

That game ball Leach awarded? Forbes made immediate plans for this. He would give it to his family to share with them.

It would be an ironic end to a historic day. The man who found so much success carrying footballs away savored his monumental moment by donating one.