Glenview’s Wiseacre Farm will be featured on the History Channel

GLENVIEW, IL – In December of last year, a History Channel television production crew made a special visit to Glenview. Wiseacre Farm, a family-owned hydroponic farm, will be showcased this Sunday as part of the network’s “Modern Marvels” program.

Yael Sheinfeld, who is in charge of marketing for the 1975 N Lake Terrace farm, said the Wiseacre team had yet to see the episode titled “Future of Food.” It airs at 9 p.m.

“We were connected to this opportunity through Freight Farms, a container company for hydroponics in Boston. Our farm was built and distributed by Freight Farms, ”said Yael Sheinfeld, whose father, Aviad, founded Wiseacre Farm. “We are very grateful for the experience and are very excited for the episode to air.”

Aviad Sheinfeld shows Wiseacre Farm during an episode of “Modern Marvels” on The History Channel. (Courtesy of Wiseacre Farm)

Sunday’s episode of “Modern Marvels,” hosted by culinary author and culinary entrepreneur Adam Richman, features Wiseacre’s innovative hydroponic farming process as the future of food, highlighting the farm’s mission to grow crops. clean and fresh produce in the community it serves.

“It was exciting for the film crew to tour the farm. Our farming team (Aviad Sheinfeld and his father, Sam Sheinfeld) talked about each stage of the plant’s life cycle and the delivery process as the team was filming, ”Yael Sheinfeld said. “[We also] participated in sit-down talks where we discussed the concept behind the farm, how we started it etc.

Yael Sheinfeld said that due to COVID-19 restrictions, the entire episode film crew was local.

Wiseacre farm strives to shorten the road from farm to fork, promote and practice environmental sustainability, and educate consumers about the origin of their food.

“We are a family-owned hydroponic farm in Glenview that provides fresh, hyperlocal green vegetables to the community,” said Yael Sheinfeld. “We currently offer home delivery and farm pickup options. “

Wiseacre Greens are available through a home delivery subscription and weekly farm pickup. Wiseacre Farm also makes frequent donations to local pantries, ensuring that fresh greens are accessible to everyone. More information about Wiseacre Farm can be found here: