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We are living in a great time for Star Trek documentaries. Earlier this week we reported on the news Traveler doc breaks crowdfunding records. And today, the History Channel is doing a full series on the franchise’s 55-year history.

The “ultimate” story of Trek

The Nacelle Company, producers of popular documentary series like The toys that made us and The films that made us, take the last frontier. Today they revealed that they are working on an 8 part series called Headquarters: 55 Years of Star Trek for the History channel. The series promises to delve deep into the world of the Star Trek franchise. According to the announcement, Central headquarters will be “the ultimate Star Trek documentary that everyone ever wanted, and now they’re getting.”

Each episode in the series will focus on a different chapter in Star Trek history, starting with the creation of the original. Star trek series in Desilu. The documentary series will feature interviews with people who worked on the show in front of and behind the camera, as well as experts. The Nacelle company promises Central headquarters “Will reveal never-before-seen behind-the-scenes stories and provide new perspectives” with “No Stone Is Left Behind, including lesser-known aspects of the franchise like The animated series and Phase II. “

The new Trek docuseries were created by Nacelle CEO Brian Volk-Weiss, who will also be its director. “Star trek, before I was ten, gave me the closest thing to a code to follow in my life. If it weren’t for the words “I don’t believe in the dead end scenario” I would be very lonely, broke and miserable in this world. So to say this is a passionate project would be a huge understatement. Volk-Weiss said in a statement provided to TrekMovie.

In 2016, Trekmovie interviewed Volk-Weiss for his previous documentary Trek for the History Channel, 50 years of Star Trek. Volk-Weiss then told us that he wished he had a full hour to get into Lucille Ball’s contribution to the very existence of Star Trek, so this is probably a topic the doc will explore. He also told us that his interview with Leonard Nimoy – the last one ever with the actor – gave him “one of the greatest moments of my life”.

Léonard Nimoy in the documentary 50 years of Star Trek

Other familiar faces are working on this exciting new project. One of the show’s executive producers is Mark Altman, the show’s co-host. Inglorious Treksperts podcast and co-author of The Fifty Year Mission: The Complete, Uncensored, Unauthorized Oral History of Star Trek. And Star Trek: The Next Generation Cast member Gates McFadden is also one of the executive producers of the new docuseries.

No specific date on the series’ release, but the announcement says it will coincide with by Star Trek 55th birthday, so it seems likely he’ll make his debut in September 2021.

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