History Channel Show ‘Forged in Fire’ Crowns Another Tri-Citian | News

Tri-Cities, WA- The History Channel’s hit show “Forged in Fire” has aired for 8 seasons now.

Dave Roeder is a business owner from Kennewick and Wade Plumlee, a sheet metal worker from Pasco.

In 2016, Dave Roeder won episode 2 of season 3 after having already appeared on the show in the first season. The show had a fan-favorite episode for which he was called back and later appeared on the show in its spin-off, “Knife or Death”.

Dave started forging blades about 20 years ago, when he was just 16 years old. Since his victory, he shows his talents on his Facebook page.

Although blade forging has been around for centuries, it’s a relatively new hobby for Wade Plumlee, another winner.

Wade started because of the show just two years ago. He was crowned the winner in the final season after being called upon to appear on the show as a replacement for another contestant.

He said to me: “It just piqued my curiosity, I never knew how to grow up or anything, but once I saw the series… that’s when I really started to get into it.”

Both Dave and Wade told me that they had a lot of support from friends and family. Wade said his friends told him they knew he would win even before he left for filming.

Since the show was filmed before its air date, both contestants had to keep it a secret whether they won or lost.

Dave told me he could tell when the History Channel was rebroadcasting the episode he appeared in because “I can see spikes and I get a lot of phone calls and messages, and ‘hey, build me this ‘”.

So far, Wade says it hasn’t really struck him to win, but he’s excited to continue working on his skills.