History Channel’s “Alone” Features Wellsboro Native

Rose Anna Moore of Wellsboro is a contestant for the eighth season of the survival show “Alone”.

WELLSBORO, Pa. – Rose Anna Moore, from Wellsboro, is one of ten entrants on the History Channel’s “Alone” survival show for its eighth season. Rose and the other survivors were dropped off in the wilderness of British Columbia, Canada, to put their survival skills to the test.

“They take you out into the wild and drop you off. No film crew; they give you cameras and you’re on your own to survive,” Moore said.

The last contestant to retire will go home with $ 500,000. One of the biggest risks this season is the grizzly bear, and Rose says there were a lot of them.

“Being from Pennsylvania, I deal with a lot of black bears and I know very well their behavior and how I should react to them, but grizzly bears are a whole different animal, so there was a curve in it. ‘learning. encounters with grizzly bears, and that was the turn this year, ”said Moore.

Rose told Newswatch 16 that she feels ready to spend time alone in nature due to past experiences.

“From Greenland in temperatures of -40 degrees to over 100 degrees in the Everglades to hunt pythons, so I’m in all different scenarios, and generally I’m on my own,” Moore said.

When she’s not hunting for berries or trying to repel grizzly bears, Rose is at her sporting goods store in Wellsboro. She told Newswatch 16 that her real passion is teaching kids about wildlife conservation.

“The conservation side of wildlife is my main focus, and that’s what my focus was before I came on the show, and my hopes of being on the show led me to a platform. wider shape to teach that, ”Moore said.

We can’t tell you how Season 8 is going, but you can cheer on Rose and watch new episodes of Alone on Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. on the History channel.