History Channel’s ‘Alone’: Season 10, spin-off shows and more

The popular extreme survival show “Alone” wrapped up its ninth season last week and fans are already asking for more.

Driving the news: While there has been no official word on confirmation or a release date for Season 10, two spinoff shows have been announced: “Alone: ​​the skills challenge” and “Alone: ​​Frozen.”

  • “The Skills Challenge,” which premiered Aug. 4, “focuses on three ‘alone’ former participants as they compete in construction challenges, designed by another former participant, to develop a shelter in the nature”, Variety reported.
  • “Frozen,” which premieres Thursday, August 11, follows six former “Alone” contestants as they attempt to survive 50 days in the harsh winter of Labrador, Canada. The winners will share a cash prize of $500,000, per Variety.

What they say : According to New York Daily Newspaperfans have speculated that if season 10 were to follow past production schedules, filming would have started right after the season 9 finale.

  • This means that the next season would not be available on streaming platforms for at least a year, which matches the timelines of previous episodes.

Details: “Alone” debuted in 2015 and puts 10 contestants to the test to see how long they can survive in the wilderness in a remote location.

  • Whoever lasts the longest wins a cash prize of $500,000 and is named the winner of that season.
  • The show is available to watch on The History Channel, Discovery+ and Hulu.