History Channel’s ‘American Pickers’ Comes to Arizona | Online features

The History Channel is looking for interesting people with fascinating finds for a March trip to the Valley.

The hosts of “American Pickers” would like to meet private collectors who live in Arizona with “rusty gold” – rare and unusual items stored in basements, garages, attics and storage sheds.

“We’re trying to find people with big private collections, people who have been collecting for years,” said Meredith Ball, the show’s associate producer. “Automotive memorabilia, random toys, garages full of wall-to-wall stuff. We like to visit tons of places, and the bigger the better. Our guests love to sift through things and discover new new treasures and antiquities.”

A “gatherer” is an avid collector who rushes to find an unusual object. They are delighted to discover or find an unusual valuable object in the most unexpected places.

Throughout the show, these finds were showcased and sold. They range from original prototypes of the Yoda puppet from “The Empire Strikes Back” to a massive taxidermied elephant head worth over $10,000.

“There’s something so humbling about working on the show,” Ball said. “It’s a lot more real than something you’d get from another reality show. You don’t have to stage things. We find out the story and talk to people, and it’s always humbling to talk to people and hear their true, real stories. We spend a ton of time on Americana. It’s all about bringing an item to life, giving it the background information it deserves, and finding information interesting about the city or the place where we stop. It’s fascinating.”

Anyone who might have the next big find can contact the show with their name, phone number, location, a description of what they have, and photos of their finds. Email [email protected] or call 646-493-2184.