History Channel’s new series, supported in part by MSU Grant Library staff, airs Monday

Contact: James Carskadon

A new Ulysses S. Grant series will air on the History Channel from Monday [May 25]. Researchers from the Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Library of MSU supported by the production. (Photo by Beth Wynn)

STARKVILLE, Miss. — When the credits roll after Monday [May 25] The premiere of History Channel’s “Grant” miniseries, two Mississippi State University library staff will have their names listed along with those who made the long-awaited television drama possible.

Eddie Rangel and Ryan Semmes of MSU’s Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Library lent their support to the three-part show, which airs at 8 p.m. and is based on The New York Times # 1 Non-Fiction Best Seller which describes the life of the 18th of the country. president and general of the Civil War. Rangel works for the Ulysses S. Grant association, hosted at MSU, as an archive assistant, and Semmes is coordinator for the university’s Congressional and Political Research Center.

The series is based on the full biography “Grant” by best-selling author Ron Chernow, who spent time researching the book at the Grant Presidential Library. Chernow is executive producer of the series, along with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Rangel and Semmes helped production company, Radical Media, find material such as letters and photographs that were needed for the series, in addition to answering research questions.

The series continues May 26-27 at 8 p.m. on the History Channel, featuring dramatic scenes, expert commentary and archival footage. Click here to see the trailer and learn more about the series.

Chernow’s biography of “Grant” received critical acclaim in 2017. The Pulitzer Prize-winning author spent four weeks at MSU researching for the biography. In the “Grant” Acknowledgments section, Chernow credits Ulysses S. Grant’s full papers on Grant and the hundreds of thousands of additional papers for bringing up Grant “with extraordinary liveliness.”

MSU is one of six US universities to house a presidential library. A $ 10 million extension to MSU’s Mitchell Memorial Library, completed in 2017, includes a state-of-the-art interactive museum on Grant and Lincolniana’s Frank and Virginia Williams Collection. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the museum is currently closed to visitors, but more information about the Grant Presidential Library is available at www.usgrantlibrary.org.

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