How to Land a Spot on the History Channel Survival Show

Could you survive alone in the desert? This is the exact premise of Alone, the success of History Channel reality show spectacle. Ten contestants each embark on true isolation in a remote location in the wilderness, where they must survive for up to a year using limited equipment. The last person standing wins the grand prize, while other contestants either “pull out” throughout the season or the show pulls them out due to injury. The only contact applicants have with other humans is for required medical examinations; beyond that, the competitors have only themselves, their intelligence and their will to survive. Here is how to continue Alone, if you have what it takes.

“Lone” candidates must remain completely isolated from others as they attempt to survive in the wild. | Valerio Ferraro / REDA & CO / Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Are “Alone” applicants paid?

In most of the seven Alone seasons so far, the last person standing has walked away with $ 500,000. Unlike similar reality shows like Survivor, there is no second or third place prize. Competitors are also not paid per episode. However, the series has offered a twist since its first season: in 2020, during season 7, Alone issued a 100 day challenge with a prize of $ 1 million. Additionally, in Season 4, the series tested a pair format where a two-person team took home the $ 500,000 prize.

The current Season 8 has reverted to the traditional one-person $ 500,000 format. However, Alone executive producer Shawn Witt said Fuzzy reality that the series can “explore” other twists in the future. “They are always looking for a hook,” he said.

How does someone get on “Alone”?

People of all origins, whether survivors or not, can apply for a place on Alone. That said, those who are resourceful, strong, courageous, in shape and those with a good sense of nature seem to be the best. Historical channel states that anyone interested in applying can send an email to [email protected] with “your name, age, contact details, location and a brief description of your survival expertise!”

According to Cinema addict, Alone chooses candidates whose applications stand out and whose knowledge and survival skills match what they have in mind. Thus, entries should be as detailed as possible and touch on anything a contestant may experience during the show.

After the application process, those moving forward receive an invitation to a 10-day boot camp to test their skills. Ultimately, Alone will choose their 10 candidates. The show offers applicants a few selected emergency items, including a first aid kit, satellite phone, horn, and more. Competitors are also allowed to bring objects from the approved material list. The long list includes items for shelter, bedding, hygiene, tools, food and hunting, as well as some personal items.

When does the “Alone” cast usually open?

Alone started airing its eighth season on the History Channel on June 3, 2021, so when will the cast open for a new season? The network has yet to provide casting dates, but interested applicants may want to start submitting their applications as soon as possible. Each season usually receives thousands of applicants. In the meantime, those who wish to join the series can study the current season. New episodes Thursday evenings at 9:30 p.m. ET.