How to Watch the History Channel’s “Alone: ​​Frozen” Free Live Stream Without Cable

History Channel’s popular survival contest series “Alone” has spawned a new spin-off – “Alone: ​​Frozen”. Shot on the frigid North Atlantic coast of Labrador, Canada, “Alone: ​​Frozen” pits six of the strongest contestants from last season’s “Alone” as they put their survival skills to the test. test for the second time.

The first episode of “Alone: ​​Frozen” airs tonight, Thursday, August 11 at 9 p.m. on the History Channel.

“Alone” fans who don’t have traditional cable services but want to stream his new series can watch it through PhiloWhere DirecTV streams. Both services offer a free trial to new subscribers.

Where to find the History Channel

You can find the channel that has history enabled using the channel search tools here: Verizon Fios, AT&T to U, Comcast Xfinity, Spectrum/Charter, Optimum/Altice, DIRECTV and Plate.

For Those Without Cable, Watch With These Streaming Services

you can watch it on Philoan entertainment streaming service that offers over 60 channels and a free trial. You can also stream it for free on DirecTV Stream (free trial).

About the show

According to the official History channel synopsis, “In Alone: ​​Frozen, six of OnlyThe strongest participants from previous seasons return to put their survival skills to the test for the second time. Dropped onto the freezing North Atlantic coast of Labrador, Canada, just as winter sets in, and battling howling winds, constant rains and some of North America’s fiercest predators in the weather cold, survivalists will set off to last fifty days in a location with the densest polar bear population in Canada and face extreme conditions worse than any previous season of Only. With just a few supplies and their previous experiments to pull from, survivalists who go the distance will earn their share of the $500,000 cash prize.


‘Alone: ​​The Skills Challenge’ Returning Survivors Include Fan Favorites Greg Ovens (season 3), Woniya Thibeault (season 6), Callie Russell (season seven), Marc D’Ambrosio (season seven), Amos Rodriguez (season seven) and michelle finn (season eight).


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