Library foundation funds Galesburg history research project

GALESBURG – The Galesburg Library Foundation is providing funding to three students (two college and one high school) who will form a team to complete a collaborative history project on Galesburg this summer.

Beginning in early June, the project will last eight weeks and require 15 hours of work per week. The research will be led by Peter Schwartzman, Knox College, professor of environmental studies, and Owen Muelder, director of Underground Railroad, Knox College.

The team will meet regularly and coordinate research efforts with Galesburg Library staff and Knox College library staff. The end product will be a research paper that documents Galesburg’s rich history from before the arrival of Europeans, from the city’s founding (in the 19th century) to its modern phase. The project will capture the various influences that have shaped the city we have today. It is hoped that this project will spearhead a follow-up effort to present its findings in a graphical form that can be mobile and therefore shared with people of all ages in the community, ultimately housed in the new Galesburg Library.

Each research student will receive a stipend of $ 1,500 (half at the start and the other half at the end of the project). All scholars must have been full-time students in good standing at Galesburg High School, Knox College or Carl Sandburg College during the 2020-2021 academic year.

Money will be available to purchase relevant research material.

To apply: Send the following to Dr Peter Schwartzman (email: [email protected]; Subject: Galesburg History Project) by June 1. (1) Include a paragraph explaining why you are interested in doing this project; (2) Include a paragraph explaining why you are qualified to carry out this project; and (3) Provide your current grade point average and list of history (or related) courses you have taken (and grade you have received).