Long Islander, 23, enters History Channel contest

Fans of History Channel’s “Forged in Fire” will have the chance to watch a local man battle it out in flames in a new episode that will be re-airing next week.

This episode of the show featuring contestants showing off their knife-making skills debuted Wednesday night, December 29, will rerun at 8 p.m. on Wednesday January 5, featuring Connecticut resident New London County and Long Islander Brandon Hyner. , as one of the four competitors.

If you haven’t watched “Forged in Fire,” the show offers blade smiths the opportunity to recreate historic bladed weapons. The winner takes home $ 10,000.

Hyner, 23, who grew up in western Babylon on Long Island, has been making knives and blacksmithing for half a dozen years while not busy with his “real” job as a engineer reported London’s New Day.

The youngster told The Day he started applying to appear on the show while still in college at SUNY Maritime College in New York after feeling confident enough to stand up against it. competition.

Hyner eventually went through the interview process for the show and met a casting director who decided to have him on the show.

“Forged in Fire” “was very scary at first, as it was for a lot of people. Anyone who’s ever been on the show will absolutely say so, that’s for sure. The first round of the show, I was running like a chicken with my head cut off, ”he told The Day.

He had started watching “Forged in Fire” about five years ago while in high school after a neighbor invited Hyner and a friend to try his forge.

His father helped him make a cold forge in their own backyard, and he made tools from friends and family.

The young man said he was amazed at what his hands can create and of course he cannot say whether he won the money or not.

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