Morgan St. Secures Research Professorship Through Md. E-Nnovation Initiative

For a second consecutive year, the Maryland Department of Commerce provided funding to Morgan State University through the Maryland E-Nnovation Initiative (MEI), a state program created to stimulate basic and applied research in science and colleges and universities in Maryland. , to support a new research chair.

This is the University’s fourth research chair in as many years.

Morgan will receive $1 million, which will be matched by $1 million in funds received from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott, to establish a new endowed chair for the Center for Urban Health Equity (CUHE).

The award will be a boon to the burgeoning center’s ability to recruit and attract the expertise needed to grow and expand the center’s mission to address the root causes of gender disparities. urban health through asset-based, community-driven research and practice.

Morgan launched the Center for Urban Health Equity in January 2021, backed by annual support from the State of Maryland and an initial investment of private funding. The Center was created to focus on community interests allowing maximum energy and research effort for immediate allocation and response to the fundamental issues that influence – and, in many cases, perpetuate – one of the most troubling aspects of today’s society, health inequalities.

In the fall of 2021, the Department of Commerce awarded Morgan $3 million to establish three new endowed chairs, the first in the University’s history. With this funding, the Endowed Chair in Brain Sciences, the Endowed Chair in Psychometrics and Predictive Analytics, and the Eugene M. DeLoatch Endowed Chair in Cybersecurity Engineering were created.

This year, Morgan was selected by the Maryland E-Nnovation Initiative as one of eight local colleges and universities in Maryland that received a total of $8.2 million to fund new research chairs. Collectively, the schools raised more than $8.2 million in private funding to match MEI’s contribution, bringing this year’s total endowment to $16.4 million.

The Maryland E-Nnovation Initiative was created by the General Assembly in the 2014 legislative session and provided $74.1 million in funding to leverage $80.7 million in private donations. Funding can be used to pay the salaries of newly staffed department heads, staff, and support staff in designated scientific and technical fields of study; fund related research scholarships for graduate and undergraduate students; and purchase laboratory equipment and other basic infrastructure and equipment.