Mythbusters brings the Iconic History Channel series to life for fans to play

Mythbusters are an icon in the entertainment industry for their epic experiences and the crazy myths they’ve busted.

“Mythbusters: The Game” is the official video game based on the Discovery show. Now you have the chance to explore the workshop of the Mythbusters, use their tools, and bust crazy myths in the Proving Grounds and beyond.

Testing rockets in the desert. Image by ‘Mythbusters.’

First, you need to figure out which myths you want to bust. Once you have decided on a myth to bust, you need to plan the process by which you will test it and design all the necessary mechanisms and parts in the “Zone Blueprint”.

Once the planning is complete, you will need to collect and purchase the materials you need. Some parts you will need to make yourself, and once you have everything you need, you can start assembling the machines and final products for testing.

With everything built and in place, it’s time to start testing! Carry out your tests under fair conditions. Look at the results and draw a conclusion, either confirming that the myths are true or busting them as mere myths.

Work in the legendary Mythbusters workshop. Image by ‘Mythbusters.’

Every experiment you conduct carries some level of risk, so you need to be careful not to lose your fingers, or worse, your head! Growing your viewership is crucial, so be sure to keep things fun and exciting for viewers.

Take charge of filming, production and managing your budget and inventory. Live the full Mythbusters experience, doing everything yourself from start to finish and seeing your hard work pay off!