Northern California man wins biggest ever Scratchers ticket prize

a north California The man is the biggest cash prize winner on a scratch ticket in state history, scooping a $20 million jackpot.

California Lottery Officials said Chad Fry of Auburn, a small town in the Sierra Nevada foothills, bought the Scratchers ticket while out shopping for some shorts. On his way home in his new clothes, officials said, he stopped to buy beer at Foothill Market, a liquor store in Auburn.

Since he had finally been paid that day for a side construction job he completed in the winter, he also bought a lottery ticket, he explained.

“I’ve been waiting months for these people to pay me,” Fry said in a statement shared in the press release. “So I had a little extra money. When I was at the counter, it caught my eye, so I said, ‘give me that thirty dollar bill,’ and that was it. !”

Fry had initially thought he would wait until he got home to scratch the ticket, but when he realized he had to make another stop at a grocery store, he continued and quickly discovered that he had won one of a record six tickets to the award, according to the press release.

The Set For Life Millionaire Edition ticket pays twice the highest prize for all other Scratchers available. Fry told the California Lottery that he plans to buy a new Ford F-250 truck. With his winnings, he could buy a few of these trucks – and still have money in his pocket.