“American Pickers” is returning to Wisconsin to film this summer, and they’re looking for people across the state who have unique items with interesting stories. Since 2010, the popular History Channel show has followed experienced “pickers” as they search for valuable antiques across the country. The show will be filmedRead More →

Legendary has entered into a deal with Counterbalance Entertainment’s Josh Heald (“Cobra Kai”) to direct a film adaptation of The History Channel’s hit series “Ancient Aliens,” the company said on Wednesday. “Ancient Aliens” was originally developed for television by Prometheus Entertainment and produced by the late Kevin Burns. Project detailsRead More →

For most of American history, black children rarely saw themselves in children’s literature, and even when they did, the portrayals were generally patronizing, paternalistic, or downright racist. Amanda Gailey, associate professor of English at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, traces her interest in this topic to her time at Washington UniversityRead More →

WYTHEVILLE, Va. (WFXR) – William A. Veselik, Archivist of the FB Kegley Library at Wytheville Community College (WCC) has written two articles: one titled “19th-Century Toll Record Book Sheds Light on History of the Southwestern Virginia Turnpike ”and a titled“ Michael Kellinger, the N’er-Do-Well Son of George Killinger: His Life,Read More →

After a multi-year hiatus, the History Channel show “Modern Marvels” is back with a new season, featuring a spotlight on food in America and how it’s made. Three central Pennsylvania food producers are featured, including Turkey Hill Ice Cream of Lancaster County in Conestoga and Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery inRead More →

History Channel’s “Assembly Required” brings together Tim Allen and Richard Karn to judge three craftsmen in building competitions – using surprise materials dropped off at their home workshops. OMPP’s Jason Fraley reviews “Assembly Required” Are you nostalgic for the growls of Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor’s 1990s sitcom? You mightRead More →

“I can say ‘The Food That Built America’ is about legend,” Richman said in an interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “‘Modern Marvels’ is about legacy.” Rebooting “Modern Marvels,” for him, is like a baseball fan playing with the New York Yankees: “Can I sign this contract twice?” While Richman comesRead More →

The new reality TV show Assembly required is remarkable because it brings together Home improvement co-stars Allen and Karn, this time playing themselves in place of Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor and Al Borland, respectively. But it’s also a fun Chopped-style competition where three machineheads can put together interesting projectsRead More →

YouTube DIY woodworking star Richard Karn, Tim Allen and April Wilkerson on the set of ‘Assembly Required’. (Jason Elias/History Channel) Richard Karn and Tim Allen have a working relationship that goes back decades. The pair worked together for eight seasons on “Home Improvement.” Karn and Allen are back together inRead More →

The History Channel commissioned a two-hour documentary film titled “Tulsa Burning” on the Greenwood Massacre of 1921 in Tulsa, one of the worst acts of racist violence in American history. The documentary will be directed by “Freedom Riders” filmmaker Stanley Nelson with Bridge Award winner Marco Williams, and NBA superstarRead More →

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) – A documentary about historic Tuskegee aviators, airs at 6 p.m. Wednesday on Story (the wired network also known as Historical channel), will place a strong emphasis on Colorado Springs. The hour-long documentary, titled Tuskegee Airmen: Legacy of Courage, will include a tour of the city’sRead More →

From a strange figure appearing in an Indonesian forest to lightning-proof humans and an “alien creature” found in Russia – the world is teeming with weird and unusual sightings, but with science and technology, these mysteries can be resolved. Veteran TV reporter Tony Harris has embarked on a journey toRead More →

UI Assistant Professor Robert Cargill has been a consultant for the History Channel’s “Jesus: His Life” documentary series, which airs March 25, chronicling the life of Jesus through the styles of drama and drama. documentary. Hannah kinson Professor Bob Cargill from the Departments of Religious and Classical Studies at IURead More →