Peyton Manning could face John Elway for Denver Broncos ownership

Following Tuesday’s ruling by Denver District Judge Shelley I. Gilman, the Denver Broncos are free from legal tangles and can now be sold to the highest bidder. With the heirs of late owner Pat Bowlen unable to agree on one of the children to take control of the Broncos property, the time has come to sell the team.

Who wins this Game of thrones?

Turns out it could be Peyton Manning or even John Elway. A longtime Denver insider and media expert, Woody Paige reported on Tuesday that the legendary two quarterbacks could compete for the Broncos sale with up to four other potential contenders.

Maybe a better movie allegory would be Clash of the Titans.

Elway and Manning have both partnered in a property buying group – separately. As the Broncos embark on an NFL auction, Manning and Elway’s respective buying groups will bid to own the club.

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Who would have thought that when Elway landed the biggest free agent fish in NFL history 10 years ago, he would one day compete for ownership of the Broncos. Together, the Elway / Manning ticket won four AFC West titles, two AFC crowns and a world championship.

After the Broncos won Super Bowl 50, Manning left at sunset from retirement and last summer he was inducted into the Professional Football Hall of Fame – another elite club he has attended. joins Elway. Meanwhile, Elway continued to lead the team as the Broncos’ senior football executive – as vice president of football operations / general manager.

Elway was then promoted to president of football operations and a year ago, following a fourth straight season of losses, he relinquished his GM title but remained president of Denver on the football side. In his place, Elway hired George Paton to take over as general manager.

Hiring Paton was a great move, but impressive as it was, Elway messed it up with his first-year GM with lame head coach Vic Fangio. Fangio has just been fired after leading the Broncos to a 7-10 score last season and now Paton is leading a new search for what will be the team’s 18th all-time head coach.

Meanwhile, since retiring from football, Manning has become more than involved in the media business, launching the hugely successful Omaha Productions, which has created programming hailed as Peyton locations to ESPN +.

Neither Manning nor Elway, wealthy as they are, respectively, have the financial means to find the $ 3.75 billion the Broncos are valued at. Therefore, an “ownership group” is required.

Several investors in the group will forge an offer, respectively. As a potential minority owner, Manning is believed to be the “face” of his buying group and the same is true of Elway.

However, Elway is allegedly tired of the day-to-day routine of running an NFL team and if he is successful in his group’s offer, he may not be the guy on campus who manages the. Broncos. Manning – 16, Elway’s youngest – might have the drive and stamina to do just that, giving Broncos Country a legendary figure to step in and take command of the team.

Who comes out on top? Only time will tell, but CEO Joe Ellis revealed this week – after Denver District Judge Gilman dismissed the continuation of the “right of first refusal” of Edgar Kaiser’s estate – that news of the Team sales will come quickly on the heels of the hiring of the 18th head coach. .

This tandem has given the Broncos a lot of success as a GM / QB combo. Although Elway and Manning have never had the chance to face each other as players (Elway’s last year was 1998, which was Manning’s rookie season), the duo will face each other in a different kind. game with even higher stakes.

Buckle up.

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