Peyton Manning’s History Channel “GOAT” Series

One of the NFL’s GOATs is teaming up with the History Channel for two new series, one of which focuses on the greatest of all time.

During Wednesday’s initial History presentation, the network announced that it was teaming up with the former Colts and Broncos star and his company, Omaha Productions, on the hour-long non-fiction series “History’s Greatest of All- Time with Peyton Manning”, and a new contest. show called “The Einstein Challenge”.

Manning will serve as host and executive producer of “History’s Greatest of All-Time with Peyton Manning,” and each episode will find him counting GOATs in different categories. And it’s not just sports: the series will look at the greatest inventors or presidents of its categories.

The network has ordered eight one-hour episodes of the series, also from Six West Media Group.

“The Einstein Challenge” will see two world-class experts compete to explain very complex subjects to a panel of children. It’s described by the network as a “fun and educational show,” where experts “solve the world’s biggest questions in a way everyone can understand, like how does a plane fly or what was severity of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius”.

Manning will executive produce “The Einstein Challenge,” and Citizen Jones is also serving as a producer.

“The History Channel has long been a leader in original programming that informs and entertains audiences,” Manning said in a statement. “As a lifelong history buff, I couldn’t be more excited for Omaha to partner with great historians and producers to create these two shows that celebrate history and uncover stories of fun way.”

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“We are thrilled to bring Peyton to our History Channel team,” Eli Lehrer, executive vice president and chief programming officer for the History Channel, said in a statement. “Having one of the greatest in sports history teach us about the most compelling GOATs over time, coupled with his production of a smart and witty new show with kids, is without doubt previous one and we look forward to bringing these new shows to our audience.”

“The Greatest of All Time in History with Peyton Manning” is produced by History Channel by Omaha Productions and Six West Mediagroup. Manning is executive producer for Omaha Productions. Steve Ascher is Executive Producer of Six West Media Group. Mary E. Donahue and Brooke Townsend are executive producers for History Channel.

“The Einstein Challenge” is executive produced for the History Channel by Omaha Productions and Citizen Jones. Manning serves as executive producer for Omaha Productions. Jonah Bekhor and Jonas Bell Pasht are the executive producers of Citizen Jones. Mike Stiller and Amy Savitsky are executive producers of the History Channel.