Professor writes book to document TAMU-CC’s 75-year history

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Dr. Andrew Johnson has always been curious about the story of his employer, Texas A & M-Corpus Christi.

The school was founded in 1947.

Johnson, an associate professor of management at TAMU-CC for the past seven years, said upon arrival that he could not find a book highlighting the history of TAMU-CC. So he took it upon himself to do research for 18 months while working from home.

Johnson said he compiled newspaper articles and pictures to work on the 260-page book “The Island University: A History of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi”.

“It was a great experience in terms of, you know getting to know people and learning how this place that I call home in terms of employment and home in terms of building a life here in Corpus Christi,” Johnson said.

Throughout his research, Johnson said we sometimes forget how deep the school’s military roots run. Especially with the presence of veterans on campus.

“The other is the support of the community,” Johnson said. “I think the community has always known the value of having a university here and made an effort to ensure that it is successful and prosperous.”

Russell Wagner, TAMU-CC’s executive director for alumni engagement, said it’s important to document and research the traditions of the university.

“We are very grateful to Dr. Johnson for taking the time to write the book and detail future generations of A&M-Corpus Christi’s past, present and future,” said Wagner.

Johnson said from his research it was great to see the support from the community and the diverse group of people the university has brought together over its 75-year history.

He said profits from book sales are used to support university students.

“They are going into a fund that will be used to support student activities to promote tradition and pride, which is really why I wanted to write this book,” Johnson said.

If you would like to purchase the book, click here.