PuneScienceWeekly: Learn about Indian multilingualism, its history and why we need it

The Deccan College Post Graduate and Research Institute in Pune will host a five-day offline course for language enthusiasts, focusing on Indian languages ​​and the need for multilingualism.

Organized by the Department of Linguistics at Deccan College, the offline course titled “Facets of Multilingualism” will focus on the history of several Indian languages ​​and their various aspects. India has 121 spoken “mother tongue” languages ​​and the Indian Constitution in its eighth list recognizes 22 of them as scheduled languages.

Some of the key topics offered in the course include multilingual competence, multilingual landscape in India, multiscriptality, psycholinguistic aspects of multilingualism, language acquisition in a bilingual environment, sociolinguistic aspects of multilingualism, understanding of identity through the prism of multilingualism and case studies of multilingualism in Maharashtra. .

Lectures and sessions led by renowned linguists, scheduled for July 18-22, will cover cognitive, sociolinguistic, cultural, educational and psycholinguistic aspects of Indian languages. The language of conduct for the course will be English, Hindi and Marathi.

Students of linguistics, research in a language and professors of linguistics can benefit from the course. In addition, the course will also be useful for professors of anthropology, sociology, history, education, and psychology.

The daily 90-minute session will run from 9 a.m. on the college campus. For more details and to register, please visit dcpune.ac.in.