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The suggestion that Ricky Stuart should be suspended for the remainder of the season for his postgame press conference on Saturday night is completely overblown.

Stuart knows he’s chosen the wrong forum to label Panthers substitute Jaeman Salmon a ‘weak dog at gutting’ and there’s no doubt the NRL is going to hit the Canberra Raiders coach with it. a record fine.

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Ricky already holds the record for fines in the NRL after racking up $135,000 in head office tickets for press conference outbursts during his 20-year coaching career.

In this case – given the scale of the fallout and the personal nature of the salmon comments – the NRL fine could easily exceed six figures.

It would be the largest fine ever imposed on an NRL head coach and would make the strongest possible statement from NRL headquarters that this type of attack by a coach on a player is completely unacceptable.

There’s clearly a very personal story behind what led to Ricky’s outburst.

Whether that sees the light of day or not remains to be seen.

After accumulating over 40 years in rugby league as a player and manager, Ricky has a long list of enemies lining up to claim his head on a plate.

Ricky apologizes for the salmon spray | 01:04

Suggestions that Stuart should be suspended for the remainder of the season are BS.

We don’t live in China or Russia here, we can’t suspend head coaches based on censorship.

Yes, it was a heavy personal attack and there is no doubt that it exceeded the limits of an NRL head coach’s responsibilities.

Ricky apologized for the outburst and clarified that this was the wrong forum to take aim at Salmon in such a vitriolic way.

In isolation, it’s a shock and Ricky will be heavily fined as a result.

But to suggest he be banned for the rest of the season is a stretch. There is history here.

It doesn’t excuse Ricky’s outburst, but it does give it some context.

What do you think the NRL’s punishment for Ricky should be?

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