Staffer’s musical dreams came true while living in LA

Before joining the University of Michigan ten years ago, Anne Kadrovich worked with Madonna, Gwen Stefani and Michael Jackson.

“The King of Pop” even asked him on a date.

“That was before he married Lisa Marie Presley, and I was dating someone back then,” she said of Jackson. “He was a nice person to be around, a little shy but with a good sense of humor.”

Despite the rejection of Jackson’s romantic overtures, Kadrovich was included as a “Special Thanks” on Jackson’s 1995 album “HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I.”

Anne Kadrovich is pictured with members of Rock Squad. Kadrovich, the associate purchasing supervisor at Michigan Medicine’s Department of Psychiatry, has a long musical history and currently performs in two groups. (Photo courtesy of Anne Kadrovich)

That was the life of managing a recording studio in Los Angeles for 17 years.

Although his position as Assistant Purchasing Supervisor in Michigan Medicine’s Department of Psychiatry is less prestigious, it is rewarding.

“I love it. It’s one of those things where I’m busy all the time and always close business,” she said. “I can help people in an area that I hold dear. heart and constantly feel good because I made something good happen for someone.I order everything from DNA vectors to pizza.

Music has always been in Kadrovich’s DNA. She has five younger sisters and all of them play the piano and at least one other instrument.

Kadrovich started playing the piano when she was about 8 years old, and by the time she was in college, she had learned the transverse flute. But when she joined the group, she was part of more than a dozen flautists, so the group director asked her if she would join the percussion section.

Anne Kadrovich plays bass guitar, one of the many instruments she has played during a long musical career.  (Photo courtesy of Anne Kadrovich)
Anne Kadrovich plays bass guitar, one of the many instruments she has played during a long musical career. (Photo courtesy of Anne Kadrovich)

After high school, Kadrovich attended Muskegon Community College, but the lure of the West Coast to pursue his musical dream was too hard to ignore. She traveled to Los Angeles in 1983 at the age of 21.

“When I first went there, I kind of did it all,” she said. “I gave aerobics lessons, ran a landscaping business. I did all kinds of weird things, anything to get out of it.

She has sung for several groups, including Green Jellÿ, which formed in 1981 and which, after a hiatus of several years, is active today. She also played bass guitar and made some recordings with several groups.

Around the age of 30, she was hired at Larrabee Sound Studios.

“It was kind of a perfect fit,” she said. “I was working with Madonna, Michael Jackson and all these people. I felt like they were my peers even though I was in an independent band.

Among Kadrovich’s memories of this time, Madonna asked him to make her private living room more child-friendly with the imminent birth of her daughter, Lourdes, in 1996. Marilyn Manson’s manager also asked her to be the assistant. Manson’s personal offer, an offer she declined. .

“I didn’t want someone calling me at two in the morning to look for a giraffe,” she joked. “There was a ton of silly stuff. I’ve met so many people in the industry, both promising people who never took off, and then there were the Red Hot Chili Peppers and others coming along. I really loved it.

After Larrabee was sold to new owners, who kept Kadrovich but turned it into a non-commercial studio, she decided a return to Michigan was in order. In the meantime, she had obtained a degree in the natural sciences after initially planning to embark on forensic pathology.

“I took a fingerprinting class, but every time they discussed crime scenes I would turn green,” she said. “I got certified as an expert in fingerprint classification, but my teacher said, ‘You are not cut out for this job.’ “

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She returned to Michigan in 2011 and worked at the Frankel Cardiovascular Center for four years before taking the supply position in the Department of Psychiatry.

However, she didn’t give up her love for music when she left Los Angeles. She continues to play the keyboard and sing in two cover groups: Sympathy Orchestra, which focuses on classic rock, and Rock Squad, which mainly plays music from the 1990s to the present day.

Although she enjoys performing with groups, they are unlikely to find their way to some of the iconic scenes Kadrovich experienced in Los Angeles.

“I was just playing Whiskey a Go-Go, the Troubadour. Guns and Roses played there – the best bands of the day, I’ve been able to play in all of these places, ”she said. “My dearest moment was playing live music. It was very cool.

“I hope I still have my toe in musical waters.”