Sunday Miami Dolphins Mailbag: Tua, Van Ginkel, Holland, Expectations, 2021 Draft Class, and more

Part 3 of the latest SI Fan Nation All Dolphins mailbag around the preseason home opener against the Las Vegas Raiders:

From Ken Dasher (@kdash65):

OK! Endings Q: Assuming Waddle, Phillips and Holland continue their momentum as future stars (not even considering Eich a projected starter), is this draft class among the Dolphins’ all-time best? Rock Q: Have you listened to the jazz fusion music of Phil Collins?

Hey Ken, I’ll start with the rock question because it’ll be brief and it’s a no. Not a big jazz fusion fan, to be honest. As for the Dolphins question, yes, if Waddle, Phillips and Holland all become Pro Bowl players, we’ll be talking about the 2021 draft as one of the best in Dolphins history. Going past 1970 (Mandich, Foley, Johnson, Scott, Kolen) or 1983 (Marino, Clayton) is going to be tough, but it would be up there.

From Brice (@BricefromLA):

Biggest disappointment so far at camp?

Hey Brice, if we’re talking from a news development perspective, that’s easy, it would be Byron Jones who would still be on PUP three weeks into camp. If we’re talking performance-wise, hmm, I hate to pick a player, but it’s hard not to look towards Noah Igbinoghene, who still has major gaps in coverage in his third NFL training camp.

From Mark Schoninger (@SchoningerMark):

The scrums show the Dolphins offense battling their defense. When the offense looks good, it’s at the expense of the defense…and vice versa. How does the coaching staff rate the team when every success is weighed down by a corresponding failure? And you as a writer?

Hey Mark it’s interesting that you ask the question because head coach Mike McDaniel was asked this question last week and his response was that he likes back and forth which means every team wins a game in turns. I can tell you that when Adam Gase was head coach, he didn’t mind if the defense won a practice. As for me, the key is whether the players on either side did what they were supposed to do and it was just one player getting the upper hand on a play. Like good road, good throw , but the DB has good coverage and breaks up a pass. Or good run, good throw, good coverage and the catcher makes a nice contested catch. What you don’t want to see is one side succeeding because the other made a serious mental mistake.

From BLT (@BillfromBoynton):

Alain, what do you think of Ingram’s Dolphins roster at LB, moving Van Ginkel to a backup role? Is it just a formality? The Dolphins often use rotation, so does that really mean little in the scheme of things? Thanks!

Hey Bill, I think we might be caught up in the semantics here. Ultimately, both players are edge defenders and they’ll line up without a hand on the ground. The current depth chart lists three defensive linemen and four linebackers, though that’s roughly the same lineup the defense has used in recent years when listed as a 4-3. As for moving Van Ginkel to a substitute role, I would still expect him to get plenty of shots in defence. And given Ingram’s NFL resume, I don’t think we should be shocked to see Ingram feature ahead of him.

De Dion Gardiner (@dantegardiniore):

If the Fins decide that Connor Williams won’t make it to C, what would be the last decision they would need to make that call in order to be ready for the start of the season?

Hey Dion, yeah, that’s a good question. Let me first say that I don’t expect that kind of move to be made right now. But if that were to happen, you’d want to make the move in time for the new starting O line to have at least a full week of preparation before the season opener against New England.

From StonedSports (@StonedSportTalk):

How do you see RB’s situation being resolved? Would they be looking to trade Gaskin? …Jevon Holland or Reshad Jones?

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Hey SS, I think the only guarantees I see in running back (aside from fullback Alec Ingold, who will be on 53) are Chase Edmonds and Raheem Mostert, with Sony Michel also likely to be on the 53. The question now is whether the Dolphins will keep four running backs and, if they do, who would be among Gaskin, Za’Quandre White or Salvon Ahmed. As for the idea of ​​Gaskin being traded, yes, it could happen, although I would caution against expectations in return. As for the safety issue, for now it has to be Reshad Jones based on the whole job, but Holland is on his way to becoming a better NFL player.

From Phinaholic (@dana_buice):

Hey my friend, I believe this team has the talent to do great things. I believe this team will have an all-time top 10 season in Miami Dolphins history. My question for you is, what accolades should they get in your mind to have a top 10 season in Miami Dolphins history?

Hey Dana, well, it would have to start with not just a playoff appearance, but a playoff win. That should also include a competitive playoff loss, not a 62-7 or 38-3 loss like it happened in the late 1990s or the 37-22 loss in 1995 when the Dolphins wouldn’t have couldn’t stop Buffalo’s offense if they had played. 12 quarters. That’s pretty much the bottom line here. At this point, however, I’d settle for a playoff appearance considering that hasn’t happened since 2016.

From James Sonny Burnett (@JamesBurnett11):

Who will be OL’s intruder in the final cutdown?

Hey James, I refer you to my last roster screening for this. At this point, however, I see nothing but uncertainty once you get past the top seven of Armstead, Eichenberg, Williams, Hunt, Jackson, Deiter and Kindley.

From Colin Beiswanger (@colinbeiswanger):

Are you as high on Phillips as the rest? Wish him the best!

Hey Colin, how high are the others? That would be the question. I’d say there’s a major reason to be optimistic based on what he did last year and how he viewed camp this summer, combined with the guy’s great work ethic and to his obvious desire to be awesome. I want the best for him too, because I’m really the kid. That said, I’ll wait to predict greatness until I see more “individual” bags this season because there was a “cleanup” that helped his numbers last year – and I think that would probably be the first to tell you. this.

From Dolphins Blogger (@DolphinsBlogger):

There is a lot of talk about Tua’s appearance and her commitment to him, etc., etc. etc No mention of any training camps anywhere, injury history and concerns. If Tua looks for the role this year but misses games again this year with multiple injuries, could they move on?

Durability is absolutely a factor and the Dolphins would likely be hesitant to make the kind of financial commitment necessary for any quarterback whose history indicates he will miss games every year.

From DetroitSportsPodcast (@DetroitPodcast):

Who does the best bag dance on the Dolphins DL? Hutchinson does break dancing in Detroit.

Hey DSP, I wish I could tell you that I pay a lot of attention to sack dances, but I would be lying. That said, knowing what I know about the personality of Dolphins defensemen, the answer here can only be Christian Wilkins. I’ll make it a point to stay focused on him the next time he’s fired.

From StaringInDisbelief (@Newfylad):

Alain, this is not our first go-around with great pre-season expectations. It’s different.

Hi, I’m not quite sure there’s a question here, but it seems different because it’s the first time the team has added a new coach at the same time as bringing in a talent electrifying as Tyreek Hill. And when you combine that with a winning record from the previous season, it’s only natural to be excited about the possibilities.