Texas Organ Sharing Alliance Partnership Makes History

In a groundbreaking experiment with the donated core, VPS was able to achieve an eight-hour retention time in its VP.S Encore™ device. More tellingly, the total out-of-body time during the experiment was 11 hours. This included one hour of cold ischemia plus 8 hours of perfusion and two hours of reperfusion testing for cardiac viability and function. This contrasts with the current standard of organ transplant care where hearts only remain viable for four to six hours.

“We sincerely thank the donor, his family and TOSA for their immense generosity and support for our research,” said Tom DeBrooke, Chairman of the Board of VPS. “This selfless act by the donor and their family brings us closer than ever to the possibility of bringing our device to patients around the world and saving more organs and lives.”

In the United States alone, there are currently more than 106,000 men, women and children on the national waiting list waiting to receive a vital organ transplant. VP.S Encore™ was created specifically to address the limitations of transporting organs for transplant, designed to be carried in the passenger seat of a commercial airliner, to help cut time and distance out of the equation .

“We are thrilled to partner with VPS in research efforts to provide more organs for transplant and to be the first OPO to test this technology,” says TOSA President and CEO Joseph Nestral. “The VP.S Encore™ device will help extend the distance hearts can travel, saving more lives in the near future. That’s history in the making.”

Although the VP.S Encore™ device currently focuses on hearts, it will eventually be designed to extend the viability of kidneys, lungs, livers and more. It can also provide a platform for other uses, such as ex-vivo organ processing and, possibly, organ banking. VPS is currently in preliminary discussions with the FDA regarding the use and approval of the device to transport hearts.

February is American Heart Month, and this research opportunity offers hope for the 3,450 children and adults who are currently on the waiting list for heart transplants in the United States. VPS and TOSA are also celebrating this milestone as part of National Donor Day on February 14th as an opportunity to thank all donors and their families for giving the gift of life and contributing to the future of transplantation through research.

Organ donation saves thousands of lives every year. One person can save eight lives through organ donation. Information about organ donation and how to register as a vital donor is available at TOSA1.org.

About the Texas Organ Sharing Alliance (TOSA)

Texas Organ Sharing Alliance (TOSA), founded in 1975, is one of 57 federally designated organ procurement organizations (OPOs) in United States. TOSA is on a mission to save lives through the power of organ donation by providing organ donation and retrieval services to central and southern Texans wishing to donate, and those awaiting a vital organ transplant.

About Vascular Perfusion Solutions (VPS)

Vascular Perfusion Solutions, Inc. is a development and start-up company, established to commercialize new, unique and innovative oxygen perfusion preservation and resuscitation solutions for limbs, organs and other vascularized tissues of the body . Visit www.vascularperfusion.solutions to learn more.

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