Tim Allen and Richard Karn join “More Power” on History Channel

Although it’s been 23 years since “Home Improvement” aired, Tim Allen and Richard Karn still want to spend time together in a studio like it’s 1999.

The classic sitcom stars — who played ‘Home Improvement’ host Tim Taylor and Al Borland on ‘Tool Time’ — are reuniting for a new History Channel series called ‘More Power’ which begins on June 29.

As animators, Allen, who spent most of his early years in the Detroit metro (and staged his hit ABC comedy in the Motor City area), and Karn will delve into the story and the evolution of what are described as “the coolest, most powerful, and iconic examples” of tools.

They will also feature real operators of machines used as tools in everyday life and invite toolmakers to modify some familiar objects in ways that promise to be “mind-blowing”.

YouTube star and DIY woodworking expert April Wilkerson starred with Tim Allen and Richard Karn in the 2021 History Channel competition series, "Assembly required."

The duo will be joined by YouTube woodworking star April Wilkerson, who also co-hosted their previous History Channel series, the 2021 reality competition “Assembly Required.” He tasked the contestants with making DIY contraptions.

The setting for “More Power” will be Allen’s own workshop. And if all of that makes you give Allen’s signature growl of enthusiasm, you’re the show’s target demographic.

‘Home Improvement’, which ran from 1991 to 1999, was recently chosen by a Free Press reader vote as the best TV show set in Michigan.

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After:From ‘Freaks and Geeks’ to ‘BMF’ to ‘Sister, Sister,’ here are 45 TV shows set in Michigan

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