Trump mob nearly killed Mike Pence | Letters to the Editor

Freedom is regularly taken away from us by the Republican Party. Almost every day I read and experience the propaganda used to create fear and anger against issues that are nothing – Dr. Seuss, Mr. Potato Head and Mickey Mouse, of all things! The propaganda is out there about everything to occupy our minds as they rob us of another freedom behind our backs.

Republicans across the country are trying to take our freedom to vote and make our votes count, allowing politicians to decide who the winners and losers are. It almost happened on January 6, 2021 and both Representatives Glenn Thompson and Mike Kelly rose to change our votes in the middle of the night immediately after the nationwide terrorist attack. Mike Molesevich is running against Thompson – he has my vote.

Dr. Oz is a dual citizen of Turkey, with the authoritarian Erdogan in charge there, and of the United States. He has no problem with fascism, it seems!

Democracy matters. Google “1/6 hearings” to see Republicans under oath tell the truth about how this coup attempt was carefully constructed. They nearly succeeded in killing Mike Pence, vice president at the time. When I see Trump/Pence signs here and there, I wonder if these people understand that Trump tried to get the mob to assassinate Pence? A gallows has been built outside the capital for this purpose! Pence refused to leave the Capitol. I’m not surprised. Secret Service messages have been mysteriously missing since January 6, 2021. Pence saved democracy that night and likely his own life.

GOP politicians are actively taking away the freedom to decide what happens to women’s bodies in many states — especially in Pennsylvania, now with a constitutional amendment. They take the liberty for children to learn the truth about American history, take the liberty to read whatever we want in our libraries, the list goes on. Pennsylvania GOP politicians made changes to the Pennsylvania Constitution to take away our freedom to keep big government out of women’s privacy. Governor Wolf cannot veto constitutional changes. It will be up to us this fall to vote to preserve our freedom.

Please protect freedom; defend democracy and vote Blue!