Vaping is associated with more than 2 times the risk of erectile dysfunction, study finds

It’s not hard to see why vaping can be associated with erectile dysfunction (ED). Previous studies have shown that nicotine can affect the blood vessels in your penis, and a study recently published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine (AJPM) found that men who vape daily were more than twice as likely to report having erectile dysfunction.

This latest study used data collected from December 2016 to January 2018 as part of a larger longitudinal study called PATH. Launched in 2013, PATH stands for Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health. For those 20 and older, one of the questions was about erectile dysfunction, although only 13,711 men ended up answering this question. This was not surprising since DE is not something that is openly discussed on a regular basis. It’s not like people usually ask, “Do you want a soft drink with your meal?” Oh, and speaking of sweet … ”

Thus, the study team, made up of researchers from the Grossman School of Medicine at New York University, Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences, Boston University School of Public Health and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, focused on the 13,711 men who had answered the ED question. Of this group of men, more than a fifth (20.7%) reported having suffered from erectile dysfunction and 4.8% reported currently vaping, 2.1% doing so daily. In summary, those who reported daily vaping were 2.24 more likely to have reported erectile dysfunction than those who had never vaped.

Of course, one of the possible causes of erectile dysfunction is cardiovascular disease. Indeed, among all those who answered the question on ED, those who had a history of cardiovascular disease and were aged 65 and over were 1.39 times more likely to have reported having ED, compared to those who had no history of cardiovascular disease and were in the 20-24 age group. Therefore, to better isolate whether vaping was still associated with a higher risk of erectile dysfunction, the research team looked at a smaller segment of 11,207 men aged 20 to 65 with no history of illness. cardiovascular.

Of this smaller bracket, 10.2% reported having erectile dysfunction and 5.6% reported currently vaping, with 2.5% doing so every day. For this smaller group, the probability of reporting erectile dysfunction was even higher (2.41 times) among people who reported vaping daily compared to those who had never vaped.

Now, you might not be taking this news in a supine fashion and claiming that such a study can only show associations and not prove cause and effect. It’s true. The study did not really identify other possible causes of erectile dysfunction such as depression, anxiety, use of certain medications, and playing the theme song of the TV series. Law and order while making love. The study did not identify who may not have erectile dysfunction because they are also receiving treatment with erectile dysfunction drugs.

Also, asking someone about DE through a survey is not the same as observing it yourself. While you usually can’t say ‘show me’ every time someone tells you they have erectile dysfunction, keep in mind that people can differ significantly in how they define erectile dysfunction. . For some, it may be a “sorry, I was thinking of the stock market at that time”. For others, it may be a more recurring problem.

Nonetheless, this is not the first study to establish the possible link between vaping and ED. Previous studies have linked both smoking and nicotine to erectile dysfunction. Although electronic cigarettes are less harmful than regular cigarettes, they are not harmless. Electronic cigarettes usually contain a whole range of chemicals that are not good to inhale, including nicotine.

How can inhaling nicotine affect your penis? Unless you are a contortionist or a Phallostethus cuulong fish, your penis is probably far from your nose or mouth. Well, once absorbed into your bloodstream, nicotine can travel to the blood vessels in your penis where it can prevent those vessels from dilating or dilating. And while you can use the word wood to describe an erection, it’s not wood, guidewires, or chunks of cheese that keep your penis erect. These are the blood vessels that dilate and allow blood to flow and stay in your penis. So nicotine could turn a night of “let’s go” into “let’s watch Netflix”.

Nicotine might not be the only thing in vaping products that affects your chances of being a stand up guy. Rodent studies have suggested that refill fluids may decrease testosterone levels even without the presence of nicotine. And lower circulating testosterone levels can also affect your ability to initiate and maintain erect function. Of course, you can say that you are not a rat no matter what people say about you. However, all of this evidence combined

All of this suggests that vaping may be a growing problem in more ways than one. The number of vapers in the United States has continued to increase, as Katherine Schaeffer described for the Pew Research Center. Vaping was originally seen as a promising way to get people addicted to cigarettes to quit or at least reduce their inhalation of harmful chemicals. But the worry is that former cigarette smokers aren’t the only ones using e-cigarettes, as evidenced by the growing number of teens vaping, which I’ve covered for. Forbes previously. Vaping is by no means a harmless activity. And it can be helpless to know that.