Wayne Rooney reveals he’s taking comments on Sir Alex Ferguson’s handling

Wayne Rooney reveals he takes comments on the management of Sir Alex Ferguson, David Moyes and Louis van Gaal – even though he analyzes the Dutchman as ‘too honest’ – to help him be a top boss

  • Wayne Rooney deserves praise as a rapidly developing football manager
  • England football icon reveals learning from Sir Alex Ferguson
  • Rooney admits former boss Louis van Gaal was ‘too honest’ with stars
  • The derby is at the bottom of the championship although Rooney collects the victories

Wayne Rooney has lifted the veil on his own managerial development and revealed he receives constant feedback and insights from his legendary former boss Sir Alex Ferguson.

Rooney, one of the most famous names in the history of English football, currently resides in Derby County compound and is in charge of one of the most difficult jobs in the game, considering his position team in the league and point deduction.

Still, Rooney received a lot of praise for the way he conducted himself, while also becoming a football coach. Now the man himself has revealed that he has taken plenty of advice from some of the sport’s biggest icons, namely Sir Alex.

Sir Alex Ferguson plays a role in Wayne Rooney’s rapid rise as a football coach

“Fergie’s handling of men was by far the best. Of course you need the relationship with the players, but you also need that authority, ”Rooney said, opening in an interview with the Jock.

“Tactically, (Louis) Van Gaal was very good, but he was too honest, if you will. He spoke to an 18 year old the same way you would speak to a 35 year old.

“It’s about finding the right balance and letting the young boys play without fear.”

England football icon seeks miracle with Derby in the league

England football icon seeks miracle with Derby in the league

Having been tied to points at the start of the campaign, Derby currently finds itself at the bottom of the Championship standings.

Rooney did manage to oversee seven wins, however, five more than the side closest to Barnsley and two more than Peterborough, who has an eight-point margin over his men.

Describing his own management style and whether he’s a boss deploying his former boss Fergie’s infamous ‘hair dryer treatment’, Rooney said: “[I’m] Very calm, in fact.

Rooney says his former boss Louis van Gaal was 'too honest' with his players at United

Rooney says his former boss Louis van Gaal was ‘too honest’ with his players at United

“I’m honest with the players. When we first met, I told them, “You will have your days off to be with your families but, when you are at work, if you are not ready to work hard and do it as I want, you can go now “.

“These are my demands, what I expect, be it the best player, the oldest player, the youngest, anyone.”