White House tweet claiming Biden created more jobs than any other American Prez draws criticism from voters

The White House on Saturday shared statistics claiming that US President Joe Biden has created the maximum number of jobs during his tenure so far, which is more than any US president in history. Speaking to Twitter, the president said that “we have created more jobs in the first eight months of my administration than any president in American history.” Referring to the total number of jobs offered, he also said that the average jobs created in a month also surpassed any other US president’s record. Citing statistics which showed that more than 50,000 jobs had been “created” for citizens, another tweet also claimed that under Biden, the unemployment rate had also fallen “the most since 1939”.

However, the Tweet drew huge criticism online. Outraged, Twitteratis mocked the misinformed publication, accusing the White House of “propaganda” and spreading “lies”. While some pointed out the lack of precision because the graph did not include factors such as population and workforce growth, others said the statistics did not take the pandemic into account. According to experts, the graph also omitted the factor of quits and a large number of people who were rehired, largely hampering the overall representation of the actual jobs created. Take a look at the graph here:

WH tweet claiming Biden created most of the scorched jobs online

Internet users have widely criticized the lack of a comprehensive analysis of the graph compiled by the White House. Calling the data “misleading” and “outright lies,” several netizens pointed out that the growth shown in the graph was after people started returning to work after the shutdowns and strict closures ended, which meant that jobs were not “created”, but rather “rebounded”. One user noted that “if this is just about filling jobs that have been cut due to a global pandemic, then this is a bogus victory round. Another argued that “it’s like cutting off the sleeves and legs of a suit, trying to sell it, then adding the sleeves and pant legs and saying” now 33% more! More than ever ! “

Take a look at the tweets here:

The White House overestimated the Biden administration’s raw numbers shortly after the US Department of Labor released a report Friday showing America saw 1,99,000 jobs in December. The report also claimed that under Biden, the unemployment rate fell to 3.9% from 4.2% last November, which the Federal Reserve called “maximum employment”. Speaking to reporters on Friday, Biden also boasted, “We have created 6.4 million new jobs since January of last year; that’s the most jobs in any calendar year. We are From 20 million unemployed people a year ago to less than 2 million unemployed rolls. Today America is back to work. “

(Image: AP / PIXABAY)